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Jun 17, 2011 at 06:53 AM

LO Sales Order data extraction BLOCK ALL ORDERS? check box in OLI7BW


Hi friends,

Please help me to know why BLOCK ALL ORDERS? check box for in OLI7BW or sales order application schedule the statistical setup screen and how far is it important to lock the users if we check this check box to fill the setup tables with init load.

i.e., On the screen to schedule the statistical setup, there is a check-box to block all documents. If this box is checked, is there still a need to lock all users during the setup run? What would be the user impact if this box was checked but users were not locked out?

As far as I know no transactions are blocked, only if we are trying to save a sales order, the system will prevent this. But it will not prevent anybody from entering a new sales order. Therefore the system should be blocked for normal users.

Am i correct or wrong? if wrong can you please help me in detail.

Thanks and Regards,

Satheesh Reddy. R.