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Jun 17, 2011 at 05:53 AM

Deficit of SL Unrestr. prev. 1 EA : SP50192 1002 1002 (Message number M7021


Dear sir,

i made the po . i did the gr after that i did the quality inspection for the same quantity..

now stock is showing in MMBE for same material.

Now i wants return material through return delivry with respect to material documnet with movment type 122.

there is available stock in unristicted then why

system is giving messgae like

Deficit of SL Unrestr. prev. 1 EA : SP50192 1002 1002

Message no. M7021


Shortfall below the specified stock level or quantity amounting to 1 EA.

System Response

If the message is an error message (E), the above is not allowed.

If the message is a warning message (W), the system will allow your input, but the warning is intended to prevent you entering a wrong quantity.


In the case of a warning message, check the quantity entered.

In the case of an error message, change the quantity or terminate processing.


The abbreviations in the short text of this message can have the following values:

BA = batch

OR = order

PL = plant

PR = previous period

PU = purchasing document

RE = reservation

SL = storage location

VC = consignment stock from vendor in storage location