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Former Member
Jun 17, 2011 at 01:30 AM

How do you consult the management of changing entity?


Hi Experts,

I have a problem with BPC to satisify what the customer wants. It is how BPC handles entity changes including hieararchy and member. It also need to bring data behind of the entity code. So here is three types of entity change.

1. Merge Entities or Segments.

- Let say there are A and B entities or segments, they will be merged on the next period and the data behind of them should be distinguished and reported to user.

2. Change Entity or Segment.

- Let say there is AS1 segment, and the segment will be changed AP1 to represent their strategy change of product as of next fisical year. The customer wants to see AS1 if user refresh the structure of this year, and want to see AP1 if user refresh the structure of next year.

3. Divide Entity or Segment.

- Let say there is AB segment, the segment will be divided to two Segments which are AB1 and AB2 because there sales is too big and needs to manage by region. Therefore AB will be parent of AB1 and AB2. How we can treat all data of AB segment after segmenting segments.

These requirements is very common now a day and will be getting bigger and bigger. There are actaully some answers using DM and Multi-hiearachy, but actaully they cannot be a long term solution and needs many extra effort. What I really need to know is that how do you Experts consult the requirement with BPC?


YH Seo