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Jun 16, 2011 at 08:55 PM

NW SAP CPS : Jobs in SAP System not getting active. Stuck in Released Stats


Hi ,

I am new bee to this SAP Forum.

I am stuck in an issue for one of our SAP SRM System.

We are using SAP CPS for Job Scheduling ( M33-19 Bulid on NW 7.01 Java Stack, SP07).

We have enabled the XBP 3.0 in our SRM SAP System using(INIXBP2) for

CPS scheduling and also Used Schedule for XBP Job Control Rules to

intercept the Jobs in SAP System.We were fine with the intercepting.

So any User who could schedule the Jobs goes the intercept mode

immediatly and shows as intercepted in SM37 and in CPS shows as

Held/Hold Status.

Now we have remvoed the Scheduled XBP Job Control Rules from CPS but

again as we schedule the Job in SM37 it goes to released status and

does not get active. Most of the jobs are sitting in Releaseed status

and not getting active.

Even we have used Defination as: SAP_SynchronizeInterceptionCriteria

to sync(append) but still not sure which option would help.

We have also turned off the XBP 3.0 in SRM system but still unable to

get the exsisting job active. But yes if we repeat scheduling for an

exsisting job immediately ,the new job becomes active in SM37.

Scheduled jobs never show as released status in SM37 for near time

period. Even like SAP Housekeeping Jobs which runs Hourly , should show

released status in SM37 but it does not ,, and doesnt get active.

This all happing after , Schedule: XBP Job Contral Rule from CPS and

even after removing this rule issue doesn't solve. Jobs are not

automaticaly turning into Released status.

SAP CPS shows a Job in assigned status and the same job sits in released status in SAP. Never gets active.

and if its peroidic Job scheduld from CPS. let say every 2 mins initial 2 or 3 jobs will run and status gets complted in CPS and same in SAP. But after 3 or 4 job it would stuck in assigned status in CPS and Released Status in SAP.

Please anyone has ever faced issue like this? or Guide me about , how to remvoe interception completely from SAP system to revert Standard SAP SM36/SM37 functionalites.