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Jun 16, 2011 at 05:41 PM

Overhead - Quantity Based Overhead


Hi everyone,

I having the following problem, I customized the Overhead as follow:

10 B100 Raw Material

11 Act. Raw Mat 10

20 B110 Semi-Finished Goods

30 Material OH 20

40 B200 Production Costs

60 A311 Semi finished Mat OH 11 E02

65 L000 11 E04

70 Manuf. Cost Level 20

80 A300 Administration OH 70 E01

90 B300 Plant Activity

100 A312 Manufacturing OH 90 E03

Line 65 is a Quantity Based Overhead (by plant) and the amount for plant xxxx is 500 USD / 1 ST, the base unit of measure of the material is ST. But when i execute Trx CK11N the value of this overhead it does not apear. The overheads A311, A300 and A312 are porcentage-based overheads and are ok. Could you pleas help me with the Quantity Based Overheads?



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