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Jun 16, 2011 at 02:45 PM

RFC sender adapter: zero compressed in decimal format



I have a following challenge.

Systems Iu2019m working with:

Backend: SAP ECC 6.0 (7.01)

Middleware: SAP XI 3.0, Netweaver 04, (6.40)


ECC -> (RFC)-> XI (no mapping) -> (file) -> another system

I have report on ECC that calls RFC that is passing some data to XI.

The RFC has defined some input structure that have (letu2019s say) one field.

The field in backed has CURR type (length 13, dec 2)

The corresponding type for interface field in XI is: xsd:decimal

Whatever I assign the value in report :

e.g. l_number = u2018-0.17u2019. or l_number = u2018-.17u2019.

I always get in sxi_monitor/sRMWB <number>-.17<number> but I want


Seems like sender rfc adapter always converts it u201Cshorteru201D form u2026 Is there any parameter of sender rfc adapter that can be use to force not to convert?

Certainly, I can introduce mapping and e.g. create some function/use some function to fix it but since I do not need mapping I just want to pass it through as it is.

Any hints?

Thx for help

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