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Jun 16, 2011 at 08:59 AM

GR Value is different than Invoice value



I am not getting, how the system calculates the GR value in following case. Below is the actual sequence,

PO: 4 PC (Account assignment F: Internal order) Price 16600 EUR per PC

IR1: 0.6 PC @ 9960 EUR

IR2: 0.550 PC @ 36520 EUR

IR3: -0.550 PC @ -36520 EUR

IR4: 2.2 PC @ 36520 EUR

GR: 4 PC (80690.43 EUR)

How the system calculates the value 80690.43 EUR in above case while GR? I was expecting the value of this GR as 66400 EUR (2.8 qty. with 46480 EUR and remaining 1.2 qty. by PO price i.e.19920 EUR). So in GR there is excess (80690.43-66400= 14290.43 EUR). I checked the accounting document generated for IR3. In that document, 14290.43 EUR ➖ value has been posted against consumption account (KBS) and 22229.57 EUR ➖ for Invoice to receive (WRX). Why entire amount 36520 EUR has not been posted against invoice to receive account (WRX) while canceling the IR?