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Jun 16, 2011 at 08:22 AM

Limiting infotypes for an action via IGMOD? (IGMOD giving me headache)


I am really struggling to get my head around the concept of IGMOD feature. 😔

I have read much on this forum regarding IGMOD but still don't get it. Any help with my specific requirement below is greatly appreciated. I should explain first that I am an abapper and HR config is a bit new to me.

In IMG under activity Define infogroups -> User Group dependency on menus and Info Groups, I have the following;

Menu: X1

Text: Hire

User-Dep: X

Reaction: space

Ref.: 99

which means that when I have User Group 99 in my SU3 parameter setting, and when I run transaction PA40 I get this Hire action.

So far so good.

In IMG under activity Define infogroups -> Info Group, I have the following settings for Info Group 'X1';

UserGrp Infgrmodi. No Operation Infotype SC Subtype

99 space 01 INS 0002 space space

99 space 05 INS 0001 space space

99 space 13 INS 0006 space 1

99 space 17 INS 0008 space space

99 space 21 INS 0016 space space

99 space 29 INS 0009 space 0

99 space 34 INS 0041 space space

The question is this. I have 2 countries; Country 1 Spain should run this hire action as is i.e. with all infotypes, Country 2 Austria should run this same hire action but without infotype 0009 appearing. Is IGMOD the best way to handle this? If yes then please advise me on the detail to do this.

Thank you,