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Dec 14, 2004 at 07:56 AM

Getting "Delete session 002 after error 024"


|09:38:23|DIA| 1|100|02200007 |SM50|R47|Delete session 002 after error 024

Documentation for system log message R4 7 :

The user is deleted after an internal error. The specified error

number has the following meaning:

002: Initialization error 003: Receive error

004: Send error 005: Internal error

006: Storage error 007: Rollin error

008: Rollout error 009: Commit error

010: Semaphore error 011: Signal received

012: Error after restart 013: Error during connect to DB

014: Error during roll init. 015: Error during page init.

016: Error in OS-spec.init. 017: Error in SAP init.

018: Error during rollback 019: SAP-DEXT call

020: Deleted by administrator 021: Terminal output overflow

022: APPC output overflow 023: Work process has been restarted

Above is Sm21 log view of error we are getting.. sessions are being terminated.

when I checked my st02 transaction I saw Nametab table definition was red ie no free space and no free direcotry there. is this error coming becuase of NTAB or I have to check something else too.

Please help users are not able to work at all.