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Former Member
Jun 15, 2011 at 08:24 PM

Using different hierarchy in a query and last value error


Hi guys,

there is a hierarchy for customers in the 0Customer Infoobject which I should use in my query.

I have activated the hierarchy in the query and now some results are not appearing but red crosses "x" are shown.

And the error message: The function Calculate Results as ... could not be applied everywhere.

I know that I am using the result as "last value" for some columns because I need them there (for example: to determine the last value for the credit limit of the current month). I think these columns where I am using the last value calculation are only affected.

I mean my query has a lot of characteristics and key figures and I was told that a hiearchy for customers which is available should be used. But now there are these red crosses.

I don´t see any other solution as not to use this specific hierarchy.

Has anybody a suggestion what could be an argument to use or not to use a hierarchy?

Is it sometimes like in my case that a hierarchy is not possible to use?

Thanks in advance!