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Jun 15, 2011 at 04:50 PM

Unable to join dimensions & measures from 2 diff context in single table



I am a newbie in the BO & Webi arena and have an issue in merging dimensions & measures from two different contexts(in universe) in a single table.

I tried using ForceMerge but dint work out.

Heres my scenario,

query 1- Fiscal Yr, Month, Physician,Metric,Rate

query 2- Fiscal Yr, Month,Metric,Rating Scale,lower limit,upper limit

So, i have to ceate a report involving Fiscal Yr, Month, Physician,Metric,Rate & Rating Scale.

For each 'Metric' there is specific range which defines its 'Rating Scale'.

Ex. Tetanus Vaccine(Metric) has a the following scale

Lower limit Upper Limit Rating Scale

0 69 0

70 89 1

90 90 2

91 95 3

95 100 4

The value of 'Rate' lies in between these values and accordingly it should get the scale.

So, the report should be like

fiscal yr Month Physician Metric Rate Scale

Any help will be highly appreciated!

Thanks in advance.