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Former Member
Jun 15, 2011 at 04:26 PM

multiple addresses for one address usage type?


Hi all,

I was always under the impression that you could have only one address selected for a given time period for an address type. And when I try to add multiples in my system, I can only do so by ensuring the validity dates do not overlap.

But then I ran across a statement in the SAP Business Partner document that makes me wonder if you can configure it differently such that you can have multiple addresses valid at the same time for a given address usage.

Per the document []:

"If you have assigned several addresses to an address type, the first address entered is marked as being the standard usage. If you wish to define a different address as the standard usage for an address type, select the desired address and choose Standard usage."

Can someone confirm or deny that it is possible to have multiple addresses active for the same validity period for an address type?

And if it is possible, what is the configuration setting that allows it as such?