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Jun 15, 2011 at 02:23 PM

Renamed field name alone is not being transferred from ECC to CRM


Hi Middleware Gurus,

Please help me to fix the below issue.

I made a change in ECC DEV 200(Spro) .

Path: SPRO-S&D-Master Datau2014BPu2014Customersu2014Marketing u2013Define Customer Classifications.

I changed the name from Variety to High Street .

I create a retailer in ECCDEV200 with High street and checked in CRM DEV200 if its transferred .It was replicated in CRM 200 and it was high Street in CRM DEV 200. Since the change was successful through the transaction /nscc1 in ECC210 I copied the change from ECC200 to ECC210.

When I did this,the change was copied successfully.Therefore I created few retailers here in ECC210 and checked if the retailers were transferred to CRM and they did come to CRM,the retailer was transefered from ECC 210 to CRM 210 but the change High street was not transfered from ECC210 to CRM 210.

I released the transport to all the clients .Hence the change is made in all the clients of ECC 200,210,300,310,340 etc.. from variety to high street but when you open the retailers in CRM 210 n 310 they are still as variety instead of High street.

The table in ECC is TKUKL and I got the corresponding Customizing object in CRM (DNL_CUST_TKUKL).

what is that I need to do to get the change (high street) from ECC to CRM??

Please let me know your thoughts.