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Jun 15, 2011 at 02:15 PM

Inprocess inspection mapping



I am working on inprocess inspection. Requirement is like this.

Material is having 6 operations. During the 3rd operation two inspection characteristics need to be checked at regular intervals. So I have activated inspection type 03 in the material master QM view and i have assigned these two inspection characteristics to 3rd operation in the routing of the material. Now these inspection characteristics need to be checked repeatedly after completion of production of 25 Units till the end. so in the routing header i have assigned Insp. Points as 990 Test point: Container, date and in the routing in the 3rd opeartion details in the QM inspection points tab I have activated qty related and given qty interval as 25 units and Insp.pointCompletion as automatic valuation based on inspection point definition.

Now I have created a production order for the material 150 units and released the order and inspection lot got generated.

Now confirmed the first and second opeartions with full qty as 150 units with CO11N transaction. Now when I do the partial confirmation for 3rd operation for qty 25 untis system should Automatically generate inspection point and allow for results recording of the inspection lot and when i do again partial confirmation of 25 units next time it should create another inspection point and allow RR and this should go on till total confirmation of 150 untis ( total 6 inspection points 125/25=6 for the inspection lot). How to map this.. I am unable to proceed further. Actually how it is generally mapped in the system. Kindly guide me.