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Jun 15, 2011 at 08:21 AM

Standard SWCV imported in ESR, but not visible in SPROXY of ECC server


Hi all,

We have properly configured the proxy runtime configuration between ECC server and PI server.

the sproxy in ECC shows it is connected to ESR of PI server.

SPROXY shows our SWCVs that we manually created SLD and imported into ESR.

we are now trying to use a standard SWCV in our implementation.

from SLD, we imported a swcv SAP HR 6.00 from SLD into ESR.

But the swcv SAP HR 6.00 is not visible in SPROXY of connected ECC server.

if a create a new product and swcv and import into ESR, that newly created SWCV is visible in ESR,

but not the swcv SAP HR 6.00

i searched in sdn, got several hits, but could not find the way to resolve it:

e.g. all-the-swcv-not-visible-in-sproxy-transaction

Michal Krawczyk :

in sproxy you don't see those SWCV which have namespace

Stefan Grube :

Maybe we should explain it more detailled:

- a customer SWVC is not shown in SPROXY, when vendor =

- s standard SAP SWVC is not shown, when it is not assigned to Business System in SLD

As per Stefan's suggestion, i tried adding the swcv SAP HR 6.00 to the technical system and assined the swcv to the Business System in SLD.

but that did not help.

is there anything i am missing,

if the swcv is not visible in sproxy, how can our ECC server application programs can trigger the interfaces mentioned in the standard SWCVs.

thanks in advance,