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Jun 14, 2011 at 11:16 AM

(Re-post)How to modeling SMT equipment behavior in SAP ME?


Hi Experts,

How to modeling SMT equipment behavior in SAP ME? I had gotton some information from forume (Is it possible to set BOM's Assy Qty to zero).

I think maybe SMT need to modeling by TBCT. I follow the modeling instruction that is decribed as the above hyperlink and it works. But still has some problems puzzling me.

=> Modeling

1. Material: C_SMT01, lot size = 5


Component: C_SMT_COMP01 at C_OP01 and assembly Qty = 1

Component: C_SMT_COMP02 at C_OP01 and assembly Qty = 1

3. Slot Configuration: C_SLOT_SMT01-02

C_SMT_COMP01 at S1 slot

C_SMT_COMP02 at S2 slot

4. Equipment:


5. I load/replenish C_SMT_COMP01's inventory INV_COMP01_01 into slot S1 and slot_qty = 5.

And load/replenish C_SMT_COMP02's inventory INV_COMP02_01 into slot S2 and slot_qty = 5.

=> Quesiton 1

1. When I Start & complete one SFC SFC01(POD) at C_OP01, I can see as-built report to show SFC01 assembles INV_COMP01_01 qty 5 and INV_COMP02_01 qty 5. And then I open the reload/replenish UI and see S1 & S2 Qty become zero.

2. I create a new SFC SFC02 and Start & complete at C_OP01(Not reload/replenish inventory into S1 & S2 yet). I also can see the as-built report that SFC02 assembles INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP02_01 qty 5 respectively.

3. Question is S1 & S2's cum qty is zero why SFC02 can consume?

4. After SFC02 is completed at operation C_OP01, I reload/replenish INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP01_01 into S1 & S2 qty 7. From reload/replenish UI, the S1 & S2's cum qty is still no change, still 7?! I think it should be 2, right? Because SFC02 is comsumed 5 qty.

5. If my execrise is right, how to handle when a user start a SFC and need to reload/replenish a new inventory before SFC complete. I hope SAP ME can log the SFC consume actually components.

Question 2

1. S1 has cum qty 3(INV_COMP01_01) & S2 has cum qty 5(INV_COMP02_01).

2. When a user starts SFC03, he found S1 is not enough. So reload/replenish another inventory INV_COMP01_02 qty 5 into S1(multi-load), now S1's cum qty is 8.

3. When a user completes SFC03, I see the as-built report. It shows SFC03 assembled C_SMT_COMP01 with INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP01_02 and total assembled qty is 10. So strange! I think it's assembled qty should be 5, right?

Question 3

1. Any document can help me to modeling SMT behavior process?

I don't know whether I miss some configurations result in unexpected result, hope some one can help me.

Thank you!