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(Re-post)How to modeling SMT equipment behavior in SAP ME?

Hi Experts,

How to modeling SMT equipment behavior in SAP ME? I had gotton some information from forume (Is it possible to set BOM's Assy Qty to zero).

I think maybe SMT need to modeling by TBCT. I follow the modeling instruction that is decribed as the above hyperlink and it works. But still has some problems puzzling me.

=> Modeling

1. Material: C_SMT01, lot size = 5


Component: C_SMT_COMP01 at C_OP01 and assembly Qty = 1

Component: C_SMT_COMP02 at C_OP01 and assembly Qty = 1

3. Slot Configuration: C_SLOT_SMT01-02

C_SMT_COMP01 at S1 slot

C_SMT_COMP02 at S2 slot

4. Equipment:


5. I load/replenish C_SMT_COMP01's inventory INV_COMP01_01 into slot S1 and slot_qty = 5.

And load/replenish C_SMT_COMP02's inventory INV_COMP02_01 into slot S2 and slot_qty = 5.

=> Quesiton 1

1. When I Start & complete one SFC SFC01(POD) at C_OP01, I can see as-built report to show SFC01 assembles INV_COMP01_01 qty 5 and INV_COMP02_01 qty 5. And then I open the reload/replenish UI and see S1 & S2 Qty become zero.

2. I create a new SFC SFC02 and Start & complete at C_OP01(Not reload/replenish inventory into S1 & S2 yet). I also can see the as-built report that SFC02 assembles INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP02_01 qty 5 respectively.

3. Question is S1 & S2's cum qty is zero why SFC02 can consume?

4. After SFC02 is completed at operation C_OP01, I reload/replenish INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP01_01 into S1 & S2 qty 7. From reload/replenish UI, the S1 & S2's cum qty is still no change, still 7?! I think it should be 2, right? Because SFC02 is comsumed 5 qty.

5. If my execrise is right, how to handle when a user start a SFC and need to reload/replenish a new inventory before SFC complete. I hope SAP ME can log the SFC consume actually components.

Question 2

1. S1 has cum qty 3(INV_COMP01_01) & S2 has cum qty 5(INV_COMP02_01).

2. When a user starts SFC03, he found S1 is not enough. So reload/replenish another inventory INV_COMP01_02 qty 5 into S1(multi-load), now S1's cum qty is 8.

3. When a user completes SFC03, I see the as-built report. It shows SFC03 assembled C_SMT_COMP01 with INV_COMP01_01 & INV_COMP01_02 and total assembled qty is 10. So strange! I think it's assembled qty should be 5, right?

Question 3

1. Any document can help me to modeling SMT behavior process?

I don't know whether I miss some configurations result in unexpected result, hope some one can help me.

Thank you!

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1 Answer

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    Jun 14, 2011 at 12:17 PM

    Q1 - you can consume because the hook decrements the quantity on the slot - it does not prevent the SFC from being completed. The hook only handles the logical approx quantity in the slot. you do not need this to run timebased traceability, and as you have found it is relatively independent of timebased. If you complete an SFC, then the assumption is that you assembled all and had enough to do so.

    Q2 - the report shows Qty assembled as 10 - this is the way the report works I'm afraid. If you replenish whilst active, the report will report the BOM qty of each component for each replenishement. So, the qty is almost irrelevant - in timebased you either assembled the full quantity, or did not.

    Q3 There is no other detailed documentation on this exact topic. I assume you have looked through the online help and pdfs?

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