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Jun 14, 2011 at 04:00 AM

ess-wda in ehp5 --> uibb/fpm I think


Hey Guys need a bit of help here ... we are on ecc6 ehp5. Now I do know ess with wda is done via lpd_cust, however on the portal/pcd front I have a few questions (I am not a techie)

1. we are doing a global implementation so can I just do a complete copy of the ess-wda content in pcd into my customer name spece?

2. How do I ensure that my portal ess-wda role calls a specific lpd-role form the back end eg: ess-country-1 and ess-country 2 are 2 lpd based roles corresponding to 2 different ess-wda role in pcd how do I make the connection here? Iknow there is something called uibb,.. how the heck am I going to get to this uibb in the pcd? sys-admin? how am lost here...

3. I need to include it0022 in my perinfo in ess-wda for this I will need to run the report within adjust infotypes in hrpad model right?

any/all help is much appreciated folks, thanks in advance.