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Jun 13, 2011 at 09:29 PM

PCR Time Mgmt


Our Business requirement is define below.

''Employee instead of working 8hrs shift (planned working time) leaves 4 hrs early .

These 4hrs he will enter as Banked hours attendace infotype and will be added to attendance quota.

So next time when employee works more than 8hrs.for example: 8hrs (planned working time) + 4hrs.

These 4hrs are to be deducted from attendance quota. And if no hours stored in shud sotre it as -ve hrs upto max -50hrs''

So far i created attendance quota with -50hrs and when i enter attendance type with hrs. It get added to attendance quota.

how do i configure PCR to ensure while running time evaluation..

(a) system to check time enter=planned working time.

(b) condition 2 will be if time enter >planned working time. Read /check atten.quota and compesate extra hours (hrs more than planned working time) and remaining hrs to be stored in quota as -ve hrs.

Qutoa to be udpated once time evaluation run completes m

Could you please suggest how to fix this issue..