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Jun 12, 2011 at 08:55 PM

Hiding Windows, fields in adobe forms



I am new to adobe forms and presently working on one requirement.

My form got 3 pages, on first page i have one table. i) If the table contains only one row i have to hide the entire page.

ii) On the second page i have Po details and on third page I have SO and FI details. If the tables for PO, SO or FI are empty i need to hide the windows.

iii) Current Page/ total Page no : This field needs to be displayed from second page and once the form repeats for another input value these two needs to be initialized and start counting based on the data extension to multiple pages. Presently printing starting from 1st page.

I have all the flags First_page_flag, Second_page_flag, third_page_so and third_page_Fi flags controlled from print program and are available in the context menu but not on the LAYOUT.

I also tried the following code to hide the page but it didn't work out: (Initialize)

var pdisplay = xfa.resolveNode("Table_PO[*]");

if(pdisplay.value == NULL)


pdisplay.presence = "hidden";


I could able to hide the windows, subforms and fields with out the flag check via java scripting.

this.presence = "hidden"; but don't know how to use these flags in script editor to hide all these.

Can any one help me to achieve these functionalities for which i will be so thankful to you.

Best Regards,