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Jun 11, 2011 at 05:53 PM

lock the ABAP Workbench in EHP installation


I'm installing the EHP5 for ERP, and in pre-processing phase witn EHPI installer, therefore i lock the ABAP workbench

The installation guide say this:

The installation program asks you in this phase to confirm the lock of the ABAP Workbench on all SAP instances. This lock is needed to prevent development objects (for example, ABAP reports, table definitions, and so on) from being changed during the installation process, since these modifications would be lost.

You can continue to use your SAP system in production operation, even if you confirm that the ABAP Workbench can be locked. However, after you have confirmed the ABAP Workbench lock, no more transports can be made into or out of the SAP system.

The installation program waits until the time you entered as the maximum synchronization time for all the instances has expired.

I have some questions about that.

1. I know that I can´t do transport from development system. But can I open the client and do manual modifications?(Urg3nt corrections). WilI I lost these modifications after downtime?

2. After finish the pre-processing phase, the installation ask for a full backup, but also give an option:

Go productive Again

What's the meaning of this option??? If I select Go productive Again, can I do transports again?

If yes, I lost the installation process? and Must I restart the installation from beggining or the installation can be resumed re-starting the ehpi installer.

I don't have very clear f I select Go productive Again what really happen and how to do urg3nt changes while the installation is running.