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Former Member
Jun 10, 2011 at 02:55 PM

EP dialog instances are taking long time to come up



We have installed two dialog instances of EP.

But the dialog instances are taking 3-4 hours to come up.

The problem started during the installation itself and took 4 hours to be completed.

After that when we are manually restarting those servers, they are taking long time to come up.

But nowhere we are getting any error message.

The behavior of the central instance is normal only except the fact that , after the installation of the dialog instances , the visual admin is not opening properly ( too slow) and we are not able to do anything on visual admin in the central instance.

Config tool is opening properly.

If any one can give any vision , it will be very helpful for us.

I am not attaching any logs here. If any one needs any log, please let me know.

The OS is Red Hat Linux 5.4 and Database is DB2 UDB V9.1

Thanks and Regards,

Moulinath Ray