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Jun 10, 2011 at 08:27 AM

OBBA and KZ-document (Vendor payment)


Hi experts

The client is going to change bank and will start using the electronic

bank statement to clear the bank subaccount.

We would like to clear the bank subaccount in F.13 with the value date.

When we execute F110 for example on 06.06.2011 the value date is 06.06.11.

When the bank send us the bank statement the value date is 07.06.2011.

We cant clear the open items (bank subaccount) because of different dates. What we want is the KZ-document (Vendor payment) to have the value date + 1 day from the F110 run. (ex. if we eun F110 run on 06.06.11, the KZ-document value date should be 07.06.11)

In F110 we have noticed that posting date = value date. By setting the

posting date 1 day ahead of the payment run date (payment run date

06.06.11, posting date 07.06.11) the value date is 07.06.11 = the banks

value date in the bank statement.

The problem is that the Next posting date cant be the same date as the

posting date and therefor must be 08.06.11.

The next payment run date will be 07.08.11, posting date 08.06.11, next

payment date 09.06.11 and so forth. There is a risk there will be a lot

of misstakes by doing that.

There must be a better way of clearing the bank subaccount....?

I have been checking out t-code OBBA - define value date but without success. Is there any other config besides OBBA? Because is sure doesnt work.

House bank = the one I use in ranking order for a specific payment metod (FBZP)

Acct = the payment method

R = tried all

C1 = SE

S = +

Dev = 1

I have also tried in FBZP -> Edit ->Value date ->without bank calender, but it wont work. I get the "No valid payment method" after running F110. And after I run without value date in FBZP -> Edit ->Value date ->without bank calender, it works OK with the exactly the same scenario.

Although I'm not sure If FBZP -> Edit ->Value date ->without bank calender, would work because I want the KZ-documents value date to be the same as the bank statements value date. If we run F110 on friday i want the value date on will be on saturday if i use FBZP -> Edit ->Value date ->without bank calender, I suppose?

Thanks in advance.