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Jun 10, 2011 at 06:08 AM

[SPP4.3] 404 Resource Not Found error on uPerform Server config


After installing SPP4.3 and trying to configure the application server, I'm getting a 404 Resources Not Found error when trying to login as the uPerform server admin.

I accessed the Vignette Collaboration server using URL http://<server>:8080/

Then pressed the Login button.

The URL changed to http://<server>/gm/mypage?

But the page displays the message below.

"Error: The requested resource is not available."

However, I managed to actually login as admin using URL http://<server>:8080/vbcs/ServerConfiguration.jsp

But as soon as I attempt to set the administrator email, I get the error icon on the right hand side.

A check in the IIS log says something like this:

"GET /gm/ModifyObject object=administratorUser&emailAddress=... 80 - 404 0 0"

The 404 error indicates that /gm/ModifyObject cannot be found as a resource. This is consistent with the error for /gm/mypage? which leads me to believe the installation failed to deliver this directory.

Is this a vendor's mistake? Has anybody experienced the same thing and got a solution? Please help...