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Recipe development, reports, specifications and labels

Dec 14, 2016 at 09:19 PM


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Hi all, I'm struggling to get a decent datamodel for a Food Company. The scenario is as follows. The Company sells the same Product in different sizes - e.g. a 200g, a 600g and 3x600g. They all contain the same content (e.g the same chocolate). I would create the label based on the information from the chocolate that goes into to the packaging, so I dont recreate it multiple times. But how would I then do a proper ingredient list for a report tied to the sales material number? is there a best practice solution here? The ingredient list is not straight from the Product, but has to checked and authored before release. Product structure is as follows for the multiple Products: Product 1001 - 200g package. Top Level material 1001 item 10 in BOM : 200g of material 2001 - chocolate item 20 in bom - 2002 1piece of packaging for chocolate Product b: 600 g package item 10 in bom 600g of material 2001 - chocolate item 20 in bom 2002 of 1piece of packaging
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1 Answer

Christoph Bergemann Dec 17, 2016 at 09:56 AM

Dear Espen

this is a topic of "material definition". May be you look from "wrong" perspective.

Let us assume you look on 200 g variant. You know that per 100 g you have 1 g sugar (only an example). So you know clearly, that for 200 g you have 2 g sugar inside. This informaion you canprint on label

Same for 600 g variant.

Now you define a material which contains 3* 600 g. Per "piece" you have the samelist of ingredients to "print". Now why should you not simply print as: 100 g of product contains 1 g sugar? From customer perspective story is then quite "clear". If customer opens teh 3 * 600 g pakcage customer will get 3 pieces with 600 g. And the logic to calculate then is then "tsratightforward"


PS: may be i did not 100% understood your issue

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