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Jun 09, 2011 at 03:43 PM

Material staging time in sales order



I was trying to implement work times for shipping point and came across this scenario.

I have an order that is past due. I have moved in plenty of stock so that a MAD of today is possible. There is no pick pack/Loading or transportaion scheduling time maintained.

If i define a 00 to 24 hrs shift for the shipping point, I am getting a MAD of today but aMaterial staging time time of current time + 9 hrs 30 mins.( so if it is 10 am now I get 19 hrs 30 mins as Mtl staging time)

If I reduce my shift to 00 to current time + 9 hrs ( anything less than 9 hrs 30 min) I get a MAD of tomorrow.

I am not able to make out from where this 9 hr 30 min processing time is coming from.

I have removed the GR time also from the material master ( dont think this has any relevance as the part is already in stock).

Can anyone please tell me how the Matl staging time is calculated?