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Jun 09, 2011 at 02:50 PM

Samba versus NFS on Solaris Server.



From what I have read Oracle does not recommends to access from a non global zone the NFS server in its global zone.

Now I have a independent NFS Solaris server.

Samba sharing is integrated with zfs.

It seems to be ok for sap servers:

As Samba is not as kernel dependent as NFS, the server can be in a non global zone

and I would not need this independent NFS server.

I could use my DEV or PRD Sap system has the samba server.

If you know the pros and cons of using samba versus nfs with Sap servers in solaris zones,

could you please provide your feedback?

If you use samba with zfs Solaris servers in zone,

could you tell us the pros and cons of doing so ?

Thanks in advance for your answer.