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Jun 09, 2011 at 01:53 PM

Same logical system name for two productive systems - BW, PI issues


Dear all,

we have a productive system which serves two companies (different company codes). This system is connected both to BW and PI for both companies.

There is a requirement that these two companies must use their own system, so the whole landscape (dev,qa,prd) will be copied to different systems (different server with different system id).

As a result of the above procedure we wll have two different productive systems, as required, but we wll have the same logical system name for the two productive systems, which must be both connect to bw and PI.

However as far as I know:

- we cannot connect systems with same logical system name to BW,PI

- we cannot convert logical system name of the one of the two productive systems as they are productive and so this is not supported.

How can we overcome the problem?

Please advice.