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Jun 09, 2011 at 12:24 PM

General advice on using SCCM (SMS) to deploy SAPGUI


I was curious for anyone's opinion on the use of Microsoft's SCCM tool for deploying SAPGUI. At our organization, I am hoping to take advantage of this capability so that the SAP technical team is not "too" involved in the day-to-day deployment activities.

Some specific questions:

1. The only way to do this is to create an SAP installation server so that you can then create the single installation package (and then hand it over to SCCM)?

2. Assuming I am correct on #1, to patch the GUI, youu2019d have to patch the installation server and create a new installation package and let SCCM advertise it out (i.e. not make use of any of the SAP techniques (e.g. the new automatic workstation updated).

3. How have you managed the distribution/update of files (saplogon to the u2018newu2019 location, services, etc) on the PCs --- via the package scripting capability of the SAP installer (OSS 1035560)? I had the idea to request this capability of the SCCM team as well!

Thanks for any input!