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Jun 09, 2011 at 07:47 AM

scheduling issue



we are doing scheduling in one production order between first and second operation maitained overlapping and qty as 1 pc. and each pc in first operation will take 17.5 min.

There are no interoperation time/ set up times only process duration time.

My first operaton is starting on 15.06.11

where as my second operation is starting at 19.06.11

in workcenter there iis break of 1 hr available capcity for both operation-workcenters are 8.5 hrs

when i checked availabe capacity for second one its not overloaded by prodution orders and overloaded by planned orders.

where as remaining 10 operations in the same order are scheduling fine.

what can be the possible reasons? why its scheduling on 19.06.11 why its not starting on 15.06.11 after 17.5 minutes as overlapping is 1 PC.