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Jun 08, 2011 at 07:15 PM

CC & AE Questions


Hello Experts,

I have some more interview questions on CC & AE please answer to these questions

1. What's the latest Support Pack for GRC 5.3? How it

differs from the previous one?

2. What are the issues faced by you in ERM & CUP after


3. Can we change Single roles, objects & Profile description

through mass maintenance of role? If yes, how?

4. What are the prerequisites for creating a workflow for

user provisioning?

5. How will you control GRC system if you have multiple

rulesets activated?

6. Can we view the changes of a role, happened in PFCG,

through GRC?

7. How will you mitigate a user against an authorization

object which is decided as sensitive by Business?

8. Give an example of SOD with object level control & also

decide the Risk implication from the Technical standpoint.

9. Is it possible to assign two roles with different

validity period to a user in one shot throughGRC? If yes,


10. What's the use of Detour path? How Fork path differs

from Detour path?

11. How can you enable self password reset facility in GRC?

12. Can we have customized actions for creating request

types in CUP?

13. Which SOX rules got inherited in SAP GRC?

14. How many types of Background job you are familiar with?

Why Role/Profile & User Sync. job is required?

15. Where from can we change the default expiration time for

mitigating controls? What's the default value for the same?

16. How will you do the mass import of role in GRC?

17. Explain the total configuration & utility of SPM?

18. Can we create Logical systems in GRC? If yes, how & what

can be the advantages & disadvantages of the same?

19. Can we have different set of number ranges activated for

request generation?

20. Explain, how can we create derived roles in ERM? What

will be the significant changes in methodology for creating

composite roles?

21. Explain in detail how the different components of the

Access Controls suite integrate with each other

22.Explain the key problem areas in implementation of RAR