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Former Member
Dec 07, 2004 at 04:45 PM

Error loading business object attributes...


I'm very close, but still no prize. Perhaps someone can help.

In using EP 6.0 at SP9, patch 1, and have configured systems for R/3 drag and relate. I can launch transactions against the system, and key fields are draggable. I'm unable to set up object relations, however, because I can't see object attributes in the Relationship Editor.

The default.trc file for the DQE service shows the following error:

<QUERY_SERVICE.ERROR> Error trying to access metadata for loading metadata for elements/keys of the group :R3B.BUS1072

[QueryMetadataException] ERR.018.004.0013: Unknown group name: R3B.BUS1072

1 [NoMetadataIDExistException] ERR.008.005.0090: Incomplete group name ""

How does one set the group name? Objects imported automatically from this system...

Thanks for any help you can provide.