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Jun 06, 2011 at 02:23 PM

Valuated Sales order stock - Goods Receipt



I am trying to better understand the concept of 'Valuated Sales order stock" and I read in the SAP documentation that:

"When you are using a valuated sales order stock, externally procured individual requirements materials are assigned to the sales order stock at the net order price at the time of the goods receipt"

But I find that in our SAP system, this is not the case. Externally procured materials are valued at whatever price they are costed in the sales order they are used.

I can have a PO whose net price is 5000 Euros for Material X but if that same Material X is costed at 8000 Euros in the Sales order to which is it used, the GR for Material X will be at 8000 Euros.

(the PO for Material X is assigned against the sales order).

Perhaps I am misunderstanding what is meant by "externally procured individual requirements materials"?

In the example above, material X is not the Finished Goods sold to customer through the Sales order. It is a component that is involved in the production of the FG.

It seems to me more logical that Material X value be based on the cost estimate computed in the sales order rather than on the PO Net price...

Thanks in advance for your valuable feedbacks!

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