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Jun 06, 2011 at 02:13 PM

setup "homepage" destination



I am tring to create a brand new area of our QA portal. The idea is that we have been using the portal for a couple of years now - it was setup by a third party and we have no documentation etc to know how the configuration works.

I am trying to setup a new area so we can effectively start again.....

I have built new folders, new iviews, a new workset and a new role. I have allocated my new user to that role and logged in.

My top nav builds fine, but i have an extra item on there called "Home". I havent built "Home" in my folder structure at all, so i can only assume it is configured elsewhere.

This home link displays or intranet for a couple of seconds before closing all the portal menus and leaving me just at our intranet pages.

If i am quick, i can click off of "home" in to one of my other nav pages and can view my content fine.

Can anyone point me to how i can find what the "home" page is and how to set it as my own content?