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Jun 06, 2011 at 01:27 PM

BPM was Picking two files but it was not processing 2nd file data in target


Hi all,

I have designed scenario for picking two files and i want to merge this files into single structure and send it target.when i am try to testing my bpm was picking two files but it is processing only file it went target system.i have steructe for source like

source1 target

root header

a item 0 to unbounded

b a

c b


source2 item1 duplicated structure

a a

b b

c c

i am getting two source files with the same structure but i have to map it one target structure and i want to map both source fileds to one target structre under item node so i was duplicated item node and mapped a b c fields from both(2 source structures).while testing BPM is picking two file bu in the target i am getting only first file data under item node,whatever i mapped with duplicate structure with second file i am not getting into target file(target is standard proxy structure so cant' create new one item node in that occurance is 0 to unbounded thats y i duplicated node while testing interface mapping its working fine).can anyone suggest solution for this problem.