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Who has a good expirience of get values of tags in WinCC to delivier to SAP MII be means of PCo?

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  • Jul 07, 2011 at 12:52 PM


    We have an internal WinCC instance that we test against using the OPC interface. Are you having a particular issue with connecting/browsing/retrieving/notifications? What version of MII & PCo are you working with?



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      Hi Pedro / Others,

      Wondering if you could assist? Thanks in advance.

      We're trying MII 12.2 with PCo 2.3 and WinCC, having some issues not with connectivity as such, but browsing tags and selecting data via MII queries.

      PCo is installed on the same remote PC as WinCC OPC (as is Matrikon OPC Client tools). MII server is in a data center on other side of world, for what it's worth.

      In PCo we have tried a couple of different OPC options (there are several that come up in the list when creating a new data source). We are trying DA (not HDA).

      Did you have success with DA and/or HDA?

      Did you need to use an alias file in PCo for it to work?

      Did you use relative or absolute addressing?

      Did you use OPC V2.05 or V3.00? (they seem to behave differently in terms of tag browsing)

      Did you have success with PCO and/or TAG data server in MII?

      Interesting thing is that the server that has the WinCC OPC server installed, also has Matrikon OPC client, and from in Matrikon we can browse the tagname structure, select tags, and get live values.

      But when we connect to the same OPC server from PCo, and for example go to the "Create Alias" area (just to do some tag browsing), we see only a limited number of tagnames that we see in Matrikon?

      Moreover, we can successfully create an agent instance within PCo, and get it connected back on the MII server, but we cannot browse any tags there at all when attempting to from an MII query? Taglist mode also does not work, did this work for you?

      We can, in an MII query, manually type the tagname and add it to the query, but when tested we get no response, even though the underlying data server itself is successfully connected.

      Sorry for this long explanation, yes we have a heap of log info etc that we've been trolling through, but at this stage I just wanted to understand if there was anything obvious that you had found in your recent project work and/or any "gotchas" that you came across.

      Many thanks