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Jun 04, 2011 at 05:33 AM

Remote Access to SAP using Hamachi VPN/ any other method?



I wish to connect to my office SAP server from my home. Have installed Hamachi VPN and SAP GUI Clients on both office and home PCs with MESH type of Hamachi Network.

I am able to connect to my office PC using remote desktop and also see shared folders, through Hamachi VPN.

I was however wondering, whether it is possible to to access my office SAP server directly using the GUI Client installed in my home PC using Hamachi VPN. If yes, what should be the IP addres that I should put in the 'Application Server' field in the GUI Configuration of my home PC.

When I put the actual IP address of the office SAP server or the Hamachi IP address of the office PC in the 'Application Server' field, SAP GUI at home is unable to connect. Kindly let me know how to tell the SAP GUI Installed at home to first connect to the Hamachi client in my Office PC then connect to the ofice SAP server from there.

Kindly let me know if I need to make any particular Hamachi client as a Server or can I connect to SAP using Mesh Type of hamachi network.

Please see to know what I am talking about.

Is there any other method to connect to the office SAP server from SAP GUI of my home PC without using port forwarding or SAP Router facility?


Tany Singh