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Dec 03, 2004 at 10:41 AM

Set user on BSP node in SICF


Hi there,

Not sure whether this is a question for here, but maybe someone has experience similar issues before.

In production, I am trying to set a communication user on an BSP node in SICF. The reason for this is that the information provided by the BSP is generally available and does not require a SAP login.

It seems the system needs to be open for modification in order to set the user. So, no problem, I tried to transport this setting. However, the user and password were not transported. So, I had the system opened and tried to set the user manually in the system. I got the error: "Password has expired", although the password of the communication user could not have expired already.

Also, the BSP is in our customer namespace. So even though the system might be opened for configuration, you still require a valid change license for the namespace in that system...

does anyone have any ideas or knows how to get around this problem ?