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Jun 02, 2011 at 10:10 AM

Formulas in Workbook causing the Workbook to open very slowly


Hi Everyone,

I have a very long pending issue fro our users. We have a workbook which has two queries inserted. And there is a Formula which is hardocded up to 5000 rows. And due to thiis workbook is opening very slolwly.

The Formulas is


The above formula replaces #NV value with a blank and then if there is any other value apart from #NV, then it calculates a different value in the back end. Since the business , does not know howmany rows of data comes, so he hardcoded the formula for 5000 rows as this is the maximum count.

Can anyone please provide a solution to avoid so many hardcoded formulas and have an alternative using some macross.

Please feel free to ask questions?