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Former Member
Jun 02, 2011 at 08:17 AM

VOFM (Pricing Condition) FREIGHT - unable to edit Amount value (KOMV-KBETR)


Hi there,

I have a requirement to edit the calculated FREIGHT value in a sales order (under "conditions" TAB in header). If it goes below

a certain value (after partial order has been shipped) I need to set it back to a higher value.

I have looked around the forum and see that this issue seems to be happening to a few people, but I can't see a solution!

In VOFM, I created a new rountine (618) and have assigned this to the correct condition type.

When I insert a break point, it is hitting my code, and I can change values (XKOMV structure). (so all is okay there)

But after hitting my rountine, the XKOMV structure is overwritten by RETTKOMV (in SAP standard code)

so my changes are not held - can anyone suggest a way to get around this?

(* I changed the CONDITION TYPE to C, as suggested elsewhere, but to no effect)

Another approach I was thinking was to use Userexit "userexit_pricing_check" in include LV69AFZZ.

Would this be a better approach, or can anyone suggest a better solution?

Any suggestions appreciated.