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Former Member
Jun 01, 2011 at 10:53 AM

How does a catalogue vendor gets charactarized as a fixed vendor in SRM?


Dear Expters,

can you please help me understand the standard SRM behaviour (7.0, CS) for the following point:

When a catlogue item is purchased from a third party catalogue platfrom, than the vendor of this catalogue item is displayed as a fixed vendor in the EBP shopping cart, afer the return from the catalogue platform from SRM.

How exactly does the charactarization of the vendor as fixed vendor happens?

I mean, does it happen in a way that during the return from the catalogue platform to SRM, the catalogue platform sends the

content 000019 into the SRM field partner_fct?

Or is the approach completely different and it is done somehow in a way that SRM receives that data from the catalogue platform, than for example understands somehow that this position was sent from a catalogue and based on that decides that the vendor should have the "fixed vendor" partner function?

Thank you.