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Former Member
Nov 30, 2004 at 08:37 PM

Strange JCA behaviour


Hello All,

OK... I'm trying to execute an iView which uses the JCA on EP 6.0 SP9 (yes I know... webdynpro). Pretty simple Java iView which uses JCA to call RFM in R/3 which returns table data. I've used the SAME code in EP 6.0 SP2 where it worked w/o any issues. But now I get this very strange behaviour.

  • User myang logs into EP and runs iView. Because myang DOES NOT have R/3 user, exception is thrown and no data is displayed.

  • User jsmith logs into EP and runs iView. jsmith DOES have R/3 user and permissions, data is displayed.

  • User myang logs back into EP and runs iView. Data is displayed (myang DOES not even exist in R/3!!!).

I've turned off every caching setting I could find including client side caching. The STRANGE thing here is that after some debugging and troubleshooting it seems that what is happening is that for user 'jsmith' an RFC connection is created. Then when 'myang' logs in again, the iView uses THAT connection and pulls data. I say this because in SM04 you can see 'jsmith' as an RFC user... kill this session and 'myang' can no longer pull data. WEIRD... any ideas?