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May 31, 2011 at 05:51 PM

Intrastat GR consolidation wrong when there is a cancelation mvt 102


Hello everybody,

We are running the intrastat extractor /SAPSLL/IS_MM on ECC side and we are meeting a problem with cancelation movement 102.

Indeed, the intrastat extractor will try to match the mvt 102 against mvt 101 in order to "clear" the quantities that have been canceled but this cancelation mvt 102 will be re-used across many periods and hence cleared several times...

Here is an example that will help you understand the issue we have:

In period n, goods receipt (mvt 101) of 1000 pc and afterwards cancelation of 400 pc (mvt 102) hence the Intrastat extractor will match mvts 101 and 102 and display a goods receipt of 600 pc. So far so good...

The issue appears in the next reporting period (n1) where the same cancelation mvt 102 is again used and matched against the goods receipts of period n1.

If we continue using the same example, say we do a goods receipt of 2000 pc in period n1 (and there are no goods mvt cancelation in period n1) then the Intrastat report will report a qty of 1600 pc (GR of 2000 pc in period n+1 MINUS 400 pc coming from the cancelation in period n).

The calculation of the reported qtys in period n+1 is hence wrong...

I have tried to look for OSS notes and SDN threads about this issue but couldn't find anything... and it seems weired that this has not been spotted before....

We are about to send an OSS note to SAP but before that I wished to know if anyone had come across the same issue ? If yes, how did you fix the problem ?

Thanks and regards.