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May 31, 2011 at 01:38 PM

SOLAR01, SOLAR02 trees: data model, anybody?


Has anybody understood the data model behind these trees? How the tree itself is built, with the links between a node and its parent? How to follow a shortcut (node types e.g. 'SAS2', 'SAS3') to its original node? How to read the links from the additional info in the tabs to the node to which they belong?

I know that the links to transaction codes, for instance, are in table DFTNODE01R, with REF_TYPE = 'BMTA', and I know that the links to the HR objects (the end user roles, in my case) are in table BMTNODE01R, with REF_TYPE = 'HROB'. But how do these link back to the tree? To process steps (node type 'BMPC') and processes ('BMPG')?

All these tables are built and linked with GUIDs, no foreign key relationships to speak of... I'm lost.

And here's the background info about what we want to achieve...

In Solution Manager, we have broken down all our processes, and on process step level, we have stored the transaction codes required to carry out the activity, as well as the end user roles (HR objects of type "job") responsible for it. Besides the obvious documentary purposes, we use this data for testing, for training planning, and also as input for building authorizations.

The standard reports (filtering on the tree, and the cross-tab analysis reports in transaction SOLAR_EVAL) allow to display the mapping between transactions and roles, but we would like to extract the data with a custom program, in order to process it further. Hence my problem with the data model. I've tried to debug, to trace... There are so many SELECTs, some with JOINs, that I gave up.

Thanks for helping...

Kindest regards