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Nov 30, 2004 at 09:03 AM

Application_ItemEvent () and DI objects ------ VB.NET


Hi friends ,

i've a strange problem.I use VB.NET

I declare and instance any DI object variables like "Company","Business Partners" and others.

While in normal procedures their values are recognized,in the Application_ItemEvent() and called functions they seem to lose their value...

My tool recognizes with (intellisense)the object, but in the runtime it seems not regognize the object....a little example :

I make an instance of a new company variable.

I set the properties and then connect it.

It works well until the VB procedures work,but then ,when Application_ItemEvent() takes place,it is not recognized.

I tried to declare a company object in this last Sub Application_ItemEvent() giving it the value of the ,but this last one works properly ,instead the new object seems empty.

I tried everything,

Can you help me please??

Thenk you