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Former Member
Nov 30, 2004 at 08:48 AM

WebAS not compliant to Servlet API 2.4


In the specification of the Servlet API version 2.4 the method contextInitialized() in the interface ServletContextListener is defined as follows:

Notification that the web application is ready to process requests. All ServletContextListeners are notified of context initialisation before any servlet in the web application is initialized.

However, through logging it can be observed that in the WebAS Java implementation of the Servlet API a ServletContextListener is notified of contextInitialized() AFTER some sevlets have been initialized.

I presume the reason is that WebAS Java implements the version 2.3 of the specification, which doesn't define the order of events quite so well.

Question 1. Is there a workaround, i.e. how can one get a ServletContextEvent BEFORE any servlet is initialized?

Question 2. Does SAP plan to support the version 2.4 of the Servlet API? When can we expect this?