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Nov 29, 2004 at 11:13 PM

Deleting and reloading delta from R/3 but leaving historical



I have a custom ODS-A that in turn feeds custom ODS-B and ODS-C. I initially loaded ODS-A from an external data source with 9 separate files. The feed to ODS-B and ODS-C were done as a delta initialization with the first file and then as delta for the others. Now I am loading into the same ODS-A with an extractor from R/3. I run a delta initialization and ODS-A gets loaded and then the subsequent ODS-B and ODS-C get loaded with a delta

(8ODS-A). What I would like to be able to do is to delete the data that came from R/3 and reload it without reloading the data from the external source. I tried deleting just the REQIDs that came from R/3 in all of the ODSes and then deleted my delta initialization. I then did a delta initialization again. From R/3 into the first ODS-A goes fine but when I try to load and activate the data into the subsequent ODSes I get a message that says the delta is invalidated due to the REQIDs being deleted. Can anyone tell me a way to delete and reload only the data from R/3?


Diane Merrill

ORNL / UT-Battelle