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Nov 29, 2004 at 10:35 PM

Class Instantiation Issues...



We are currently having issuses with a Class Interface. Everything was working fine with it, and now it says that the class is 'not instantiated'. If you are in SE80 or SE24 and try to test a class (e.g. CL_HRRCF_APPLICATION_CTRL), you will get a pop-up that allows you to replace generic parameter types. Now with the non-working class, it gives a screen similar to your transport organizer, with the class name at the top with '<not instantiated>' beside it, and a list of methods below it. This Class is being used through the web. Also, in the title bar in 6.40, it says, 'Test Class CL_HRRCF_GLOBAL_CONTEXT: No Instance'.

<phew>... so, has anyone else run into a problem like this, and if not, does this make enough sense? Is there a way of instantiating a Class Interface without calling it from a program, like generation?

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