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May 30, 2011 at 08:03 AM

GORDON DU HITS 50,000 POINTS - What can we say, Gordon???


This has just got to be some kind of SAP record for their Forums!!! It has to be!!!

A person joins SAP's Community Network and, with exceptional dedication and a massive effort, gathers 50,000 points in a very short time-frame by helping others who come here to the forums. If I did not know him personally, I would say Gordon is some kind of automated, highly-secret database engine located in Canada which SAP should consider purchasing.

But I do know him personally as a friend and that makes it so much better in posting this thread. Gordon is really one of the most unselfish and helpful people we have here in the SAP B1 area. He does an outstanding job in answering questions, is helpful to both newbies and old-timers alike, and he works so many personal hours in helping us all. For anyone who has contributed in this Forum, you know how much time it takes to read, understand, and respond to threads in the attempt to help someone out u2013 just imagine how much personal effort Gordon puts in for us all! There is not one SAP B1 thread that gets by Gordon's attention u2013 he actually spends the time to read all of them.

And that is not all u2013 he even finds the time to become an author on SAP B1. How appropriate it is then that his book was released for publication today, on the day which he gets up to 50,000. Go ahead and Google u201CGordon Du Packtpubu201D and read the Sample Chapter - LOL u2013 not a great surprise in what he has written...

GORDON u2013 you are the most helpful person I am sure SAP has ever seen in SAP B1 and for that you deserve many, many thanks. But you know you deserve much more than that, my FFF. I hope with this posting you realize how much everyone appreciates what you have done and will continue to do in this corner of the of the SAP B1 which benefits all of us. I really do not know where we would all be without your help.

So, Fellow SAP B1ers, please join me in congratulating Gordon not only for his accomplishments and milestone of 50K, but also to let him know how much he means for the SAP B1 Forums. Go ahead and take a few moments to let him know you appreciate what he does for us all. I know he will take much more time than that the next time you have a question or problem.

Thanks and congratulations might not be enough, Gordon u2013 I don't know if there is a suitable word for what you are doing here, but amazing also comes to mind...

Take care, mate - Zal