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Nov 29, 2004 at 11:42 AM

BSP extenstion inheriting from CL_HMTB_INPUTFIELD


I am thinking of implementing my own BSP extension "Zab".

The extenstion will have a BSP-Element "myInputField".

"Zab:myInputField" will look similar to a htmlb:inputField, but I will add some application-specific functionality.

I think there are 3 possible ways to use the functionality of htmlb:inputField:

1) I let the generated basis class "ZCLG_ZAB__CL_INPUTFIELD" inherit from CL_HTMLB_INPUTFIELD. I tested it and it seems to work,but I will have to add all of htmlb:inputField's attribute to the BSP extension. Furthermore, the default values for the attribute don't seem to be set correcly (password is "true" if I don't specify anything) and the design is not considered (the Zab:inputField is higher than a htmlb:inputField).

2) I could add an attribute mr_inputField TYPE REF TO CL_HTMLB_INPUTFIELD to the handler class ZAB_CL_INPUTFIELD.

3) I could write the htmlb:inputField into the output in DO_AT_BEGINNING. (lr_out->print_string( '<htmlb:inputField id="..." value="..."/>' ).

What would you recommend?